About our Games…

Learning Wheels offers a way for parents to spend quality time with their children and for teachers to be able to facilitate and observe the skills being learned in class. Our “no batteries required” method of play ensures that our children do more than sit in front of an impersonal monitor or screen. This hands-on method of play guarantees interaction between the players, conversation about the learning, and a lot of fun! How long has it been since you played a card game or board game with a child? If it has been awhile, get ready to laugh, cheer, and enjoy! You’re going to have a great time!

Learning Wheels offers several types of games, including different card and board games. All of our games come with directions for various levels of play, so that we meet individual learning needs and challenges! We use a few standard games to teach several of the skills you’ll be interested in playing with your child or class. By using a game that is repeated with different skills, you won’t have to teach a new game every time you need to work on a new objective!

Card Games

Flat Tire Freddy

Flat Tire Freddy Games

Practice your poker face as you play our version of the classic card game “Old Maid”!  In this game the object is to create matches without getting stuck with Flat Tire Freddy.  Matching a number sentence to its correct answer, picture to its initial sound, or multiple meaning word to its correct definition are just a few of the possibilities with this fun game.  Children will beg to play again and again!  To find all the different versions of this game that we offer, simply look through the reading, science or math game sections of this website.

Go Fix

Go Fix Games

This exciting game plays like the childhood favorite “Go Fish” and is a huge hit with children as they try to find or remember who has the card that they need!  To find the card you are looking for, however, requires understanding the skill that is being taught in the game!  Whether you are counting money, matching chemical elements, or matching mixed and improper fractions everyone will have a ball playing this game! We offer several versions of this game in reading, math and science.

Sequence Stack it up

Sequence Stack Up! Games

If fast paced, skills based games that guarantee a good time are what you are looking for, you have found them!  Sequence Stack Up! are games where the object is to play your cards as fast as you can, without taking turns, while meeting the educational objective of the game! Through repetition and correct sequencing your children will quickly master the skill they are working on. Our customers tell us this is one of their favorite games and that they can’t get their children to stop playing!  Whether the version of this game teaches odd numbers, learning the multiples of 6, or the life cycle of a butterfly get ready to think fast and have a blast!  We offer several versions of this game in math and science for both upper and lower level players.



In these card games, players match the bottom of one domino to the top of another.  Students can spread out their dominoes and help each other or play competitively!  We offer reading, math and science versions of this game and have several options for PreK learners. 


Build Up

This K-2 game is a great way for children to work with word families and spelling as they try to create new words by changing one letter in an existing word.  It’s not as easy as it sounds as players reverse direction and skip their opponents trying to be the first one to have created ten new words!  This game is located in our reading games section.

Great 8s

Great 8’s

Think “Crazy 8’s” with a twist!  This card game is loosely based on that well known game but offers the chance to learn or master an educational skill while you attempt to be the first player to get rid of all your cards!  This game is a favorite with everyone who plays it.  We offer this game in math and science versions.

Board Games

Block Out

Block Out

The object of this game is to capture three squares in a section of the game board before your opponent does and block him out!  This game is fun and challenging as students answer a game card and mark the answer on the board using crayons or markers with the game.  Various skills can be tackled using this game including multiplication (7’s and 8’s), contractions, word families and baby animals!  This game is habit forming, so be ready to play over and over!  You’ll find all the versions of this game listed in the reading, science, and math game sections of the website.

Multiplication Block, Division Block

Multiplication Block, Division Block

Let the fun begin as players work on their multiplication or division skills using one of these magnetized game boards.  Opponents face off and must use strategy as well as math facts to win either of these games. Players try to win sections of the game board before their opponents do to be victorious in one of our most popular games.  Games sold separately and located in the math games section of the website.

Time Bomb

Time Bomb

Here we have another magnetic board game, but this one is teaching elapsed time.  Players must answer questions and move their game pieces out of the time bomb in this game.  The first player with all his pieces out of the bomb wins!  Good luck!  You’ll find this game in our math section.



Are you ready for some Golf?  We hope so because in this game you and your opponents will match cause statements to their effect or inferencing statements to their meaning as you work your way up the course!  These games are located in our reading section.

Black Hole

Black Hole

This board game takes you to outer space as players try to stay out of the Black Hole!  The object here is to NOT advance on the game board, but it may seem like the galaxy is against you as you move closer to that very spot!  This game is available in several different versions.  We offer an upper grade and introductory version in science and a math version that focuses on geometric terms and definitions (this version starts out easy for younger players but gets harder as play progresses for our older players).  We also offer a reading version that tackles all types of literary elements such as hyperbole, alliteration, personification, foreshadowing, flashback, symbolism, metaphors, pre-fix and suffix meaning to name a few!  You’ll find this game in the reading, math and science game sections of our website.



You better watch out, you don’t want to get Zapped!  In this best selling game, players can work in teams or alone to try to get more points than their opponent!  After correctly answering a question or solving a problem, players will remove mosquitoes from the game board, one at a time!  Each mosquito has a number on the side that can’t be seen.  These points will be added to your score. A player or team may pick up as many mosquitoes as they want or may hold at any time.  The more mosquitoes you pick up, the more points you will have unless you pick up one with a zero on it!  Then you lose all your points!! You are Zapped!  We offer this game in several different versions such as addition/subtraction, word problems, homophones, alphabet letters/antonyms, and science for upper and lower levels of play.  You’ll find all the versions of this game in the math, reading, and science section of the website.

Domino Match-up

Domino Match-Up

Match dominoes to create math facts or new words in this fun game that can be played alone or in a group.  Lower and upper levels of play are available.  This game can be found in our math and reading sections.