When Getting There Matters, Choose a Learning Wheels Workshop!

Science ….Math…..Reading……

Staff Development that is Really Making a Difference!

Workshops Include:

  • Handouts full of Ideas, Games, Resources, and Strategies
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Educational Games that can be used Immediately in the Classroom
  • Laughter, Fun, and Lots of Talking (on task, of course!)
  • Great Team Building Environment
  • Effective Teaching Strategies that Work
  • Current Research on the Best Teaching Strategies
  • Skills-Based Games and Activities
  • Application and Questioning Techniques
  • Learner-Centered Instruction

Workshops DO NOT Include:

  • Talking Head Presenters
  • Lengthy Note Taking
  • Inactivity


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I'm a teacher All Aboard Invitation to a party Math: not a problem Looking Great The Current Scoop Raisin the bar

You Can’t Knock Me Off Course, I’m a Teacher!

Are you a new teacher? Are you a veteran teacher? Have you recently changed grade levels or subject areas? Are you teaching in an elementary or middle school? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, this workshop is for you! This is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop full of survival tips for new teachers, new ideas for veteran teachers, test-taking strategies, and classroom management and discipline plans for everyone. You’ll leave with survival tools and games that you can begin using immediately. Let us help you keep your teaching on course!

All Aboard! This Train Is Headed Somewhere….

This is a fun, skills-based reading/language arts workshop for grades 3rd – 8th. We target your required reading skills such as vocabulary, main idea, synonyms, antonyms, suffixes, compound words, character, setting, plot and more. This workshop is packed with games and activities from the handout, as well as the wonderful reading and language arts ready-made games. At the end of this very busy workshop, you leave with games in your gift bag. This workshop will keep you headed in the right direction for success in your classroom! Hop aboard this train to somewhere!

K-2 Reading: An Invitation to a Party!

Pass the balloons, pass the party favors, and pass the cake because this workshop is so much fun you will think you are actually at a party! But, it’s a reading party! This workshop is packed with K-2 games and activities from the handout, as well as the many reading/language arts ready-made games. We target your required reading skills such as letter and word recognition, vocabulary, meanings, characteristics, past and present tense verbs, word families, contractions, syllables, nouns, and more. You’ll leave with a gift bag full of ready-made games. Don’t miss out! You’ve been invited to a party that promises to be a big success!

Math: Not a Problem!

Your math problems are solved in this fun, hands-on workshop for 3rd -8th grades! We target your required math skills such as standard, written and expanded forms of numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, equivalent fractions, square roots, geometry, coordinate points, measurement and more. Not only do you leave with the games and activities from the handout, but also a gift bag of our ready-made games! Math….not a problem anymore!

Two, Four, Six, Eight: K-2 Is Looking Great!

There is a lot to cheer about in this fast-paced K-2 math workshop! The hands-on activities and games target your required math skills such as standard and written forms of numbers, more or less, addition, subtraction, number recognition, place value, number patterns, telling time, geometric shapes, odd and even numbers, greater than/less than, and many more. You will cheer even more at the end of the workshop as you fill your gift bags with our ready-made math games! Keep your K-2 children looking great with this fun math workshop!

Science: The Current Scoop!

Get current now with our electrifying new science workshop for 3rd-8th grades! We will focus on four major areas of science: Nature of Science, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. The games and activities will help your students develop a better understanding of science while building science vocabulary. This hands-on workshop focuses on science equipment, vocabulary, conservation, reducing, reusing, recycling, life cycles, complete and incomplete metamorphosis, food webs, states of matter, energy, stages of the moon, understanding the water cycle, and more. You also get to leave the workshop with some of our ready-made science games. If this workshop won’t “charge you up”, nothing will!

K-2 Science: Raisin’ The Bar!

This high-energy K-2 science workshop will feel like a workout as you “build up” your science skills and knowledge! We will focus on required skills that include vocabulary and usage, understanding life cycles, objects in the night sky, understanding the water cycle, seasons, weather, scientific tools, magnets, environments, and many more. You’ll definitely be pumped up as you leave this workshop with some of our science ready-made games that you can begin using immediately. Raising the scores and raisin’ the bar become easier after this workshop!

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